Sunday, June 10, 2012


This life is difficult.
This world is so uneven.
Things are not straight forward.
You have to make turns
To find what your looking for.
You don't belong?
If you weren't here,
Things wouldn't be the same.
We are all part
Of a bigger plan.
We don't just live
For us.
We live for
One day we will
Understand the madness
That has brought us here.
That will be the day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is for those who are hurting. Maybe it's emotionally. Or maybe it's physically. And yes, I mean cutting, burning, ect. This is serious stuff and it happens everywhere. One of your closest friends could be hurting themselves and you just don't know it. It is addicting. I would know, for I have done it in the past. It makes you feel better, only for a short while though. It has hurt many people around me as well. This is where the butterfly project comes into play..

Tears running down your face. All you see is red. Your hands are shaking as they reach for a blade or a lighter. Instead, reach for a pen or a marker. Take the marker, and draw a butterfly on the place that you want to hurt. After you do that, put the name of someone you love on it. This way, when you go to hurt yourself, just know you are killing that person. You wouldn't want to kill that person, would you? And you have to let it fade. You can't wash it off, or you have killed it. It may seem stupid, but it works. I have had quite a few butterflies on my arms the past few weeks. I have not one little scratch either. Put yourself in a better place. Please try. Get this noticed.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Toss and Turn
Can't seem
to get comfortable.
Then you come
walking through
my mind.
You take over.
Everything is
about you.
Nothing makes
Your face.
Your name.
Your voice.
I love you.
I hate you.
I miss you.
I cry
for you.
I cry
becuase of
You are only
A Dream ♥


Forgiveness isn't something everybody wants to hand out. Sometimes, people may not even Deserve forgiveness. They could have done something terrible. Maybe they embarrassed you. Or they might have stole your pony on the playground. It could have been a best friend. Or a family member. Maybe an ex. Someone you trusted. They could have pushed you to do something you didn't want to. Pushed you to the edge. Maybe you broke down and hurt Yourself. Or it could have gone as far as you being sexually hurt. Now that is something that will never be forgotten. But you can forgive. To hold a grudge is like holding up a brick wall all on your own. Just imagine letting that brick wall fall to the ground. You'd be free. From everything. You can't change what happened or who people are. But you can change who you are as a person. Start by forgiving. It will go a long way. I can promise you.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


A blank screen. An overloaded mind. Putting words to your life isn't that easy. You can't just stare at the computer and hope your emotions paint a picture. You have to let the words flow out of you like a river. You can't hold anything back. Building up a wall doesn't do you any good. It takes a lot less effort to let that wall that surrounds your heart fall to the ground. Let the pieces smash to the floor around your feet. Feel the relief settle over you. Fly to the sky with your new freedom. Fill your lungs with pure air. Your not suffocated any more. Dont you see? Making your life a shelter slowly kills you on the inside. The feeling of happiness slowly fades. The color of your life turns to shades of grey. Nothing is lively. You dont control how you live anymore. If this is you, how about you take control. Right here. Right now. Show the world who you are. Open up! Breathe for the first time in  a while. Dont just say, Do. Make it happen. The feeling of accomplishment will flood over you. Feeling great won't just be an option. All this, really Does exsist. ♥


Not everything is going to go the way we want it. If you take a step back and look at life, you will see that things will happen no matter what. You may not like what the Lord has planned for you, but your still here aren't you? Just because it wasn't what you wanted doesn't mean it was wrong. You may think that you took a left turn somewhere along the road, but really, you took the "right" turn. The saying "everything happens for a reason" isn't true. What you should be saying is "The Lord will make your life out of everything that happens." Love life. Embrace the decisions you make. Don't regret things. People may not see the importance of what you do, but the Lord does. He will mold you into what makes him happy. Dont be afraid to be You.  You are one single individual that could change the world forever. Show the world what you are made of. You have hidden talents that maybe you dont know you have. Your voice can be louder than you think. Change the world! Make your life Your own. Never be afraid to do anything.♥

Friday, May 4, 2012


Hatred. Towards everyone. Every thing. Can't think straight. Nothing goes right. It doesn't even have to go My way. Just right. That's all. Can't my feet just walk out that door? Run into his arms? Stay there forever. I hate it here. Being here is prison. It suffocates me. It dissingrates me, inside and out. Do this. Do that. Can't you see I am suffering?! You think I'm cured? I'm not! I'm glass. I have been shattered. He has put my pieces back together, but you tear me apart again. Legs are jello. Knees are weak. I fall on the floor. I break down. No one hears me. I cry for help, but no one cares to listen. I'm drowning in my own tears. I'm all alone in this world of mine. Can't someone break down my walls? Help me see the light? No one could know how I feel. No one can break me free. I won't ask you to stop the screaming in my head, because you can't. You wont be able to bring back the old me. The new me has over come. I won't do things to harm myself. I am me. I may be alone in my own world, but at least I have those out here in the real world who love me. Leaving this world isn't the answer..<3